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Authentication Process

How do I know the items from Genuine are authentic?


Genuine leverages modern technology to eliminate subjectivity while minimizing human error and fraud. We combine trusted tools (including GPS, video, RFID, camera vision/AI, blockchain, and others) to deliver the most reliable and secure authentication platform in the industry.

Fraud Prevention & Ownership Tracking

Paper Certificates of Authenticity are the norm in the collectibles industry. The practice of photo matching is considered by many to be the “gold standard” of proof. We believe paper COAs are easily counterfeited, and photo matching has limitations (and has recently come under scrutiny of fraud).

Genuine introduces the concept of Digital Title

Our Digital Title serves two purposes – proof of authenticity and ownership tracking. A Digital Title contains proof points that authenticates event use is part and parcel of the physical collectible and will transfer as ownership changes (similar to title of a car or the deed to a house) is a non-fungible token that lives on-chain.

What if I have a question or concern about my item's authenticity?

Genuine's technology provides irrefutable evidence of the item's provenance. This documentation is available on the item's Digital Title and in the auction pages. If you still have questions or concerns about the authenticity of your item, feel free to Contact Us or emailing

What is a Collection item?

Some items are offered as a collection. For example, a concert used-guitar may be sold with case, picks and stand. Although the main item is the guitar, the product ID will refer to all items related to the guitar and offered as a collection. Users are not allowed to decline items included in the collection.

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