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Genuine is modernizing memorabilia.

By verifying the time and location of physical items, we can reliably associate them with digital content.
Our tech-driven approach “brings proof to life” by allowing inanimate objects to tell their story.

Imagine this jersey sharing its game history.

Statistics aggregated over multiple games

15 Jul
New York vs. Los Angeles

2-for-4 • HR • 2 RBI

  • 7PM - 11PM
  • Dodger Stadium
18 Jul
New York vs. Los Angeles

2-for-3 • 2B • HR • 2 RBI

  • 7PM - 11PM
  • Dodger Stadium

21 Hits, 6 Home Runs, 3 Triples and this BOMB.
A walk-off!

What if a movie prop could...

...provide location details of where the scene was filmed

New York, NY: 40.741895, -73.989308

Genuine uses modern technology to provide verifiable proof of authenticity.

Our approach leverages cutting-edge technologies to eliminate subjectivity, minimize human error, and deliver objective proof.

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